Self-PortraitWho is Beth Milligan?

I am a fierce mompreneur who won’t let the fear of the unknown stand in my way.  I adore my time as mom but I shine when I am helping my clients manage their business.

Why did you start Milligan Strategies?

I started Milligan Strategies out of a burning desire to be a work-from-home-mom (WFHM). I was in my 30’s before my husband and I were married, and we endured a two-year battle with infertility.  Nevertheless, even with a late start – our miracle son was born.  Therefore, I wanted, no…needed to be home.  But let’s be real, I was also in a job that was not allowing me to be the best I could every day.  I wanted something more. I wanted to combine my Bachelor’s in Business Administration with my sixteen years of professional experience, to include leading and managing individuals, and turn it into something that brings out the best in me. This was the spark that brought me to entrepreneurship.

Where does the name Milligan Strategies come from?

One day during a call with my Life Coach, she asked me what was holding me back from launching my business.  I explained (with my organized and borderline-perfectionist nature) that I needed my ducks in a row.  At the top of the list of things holding me back was a name.  I couldn’t buy a URL or create a logo without a name.  This is when my coach gently informed me of a concept that I now know has the name, “Analysis Paralysis.”  Then she reminded me of what she has been reminding me from day one – “Come from your heart. You’re getting stuck in your head.”  One thing lead to another and Milligan Strategies was born.

I know what a Virtual Assistant is, but what is an Online Business Strategist?

An OBS is someone who coaches and strategizes with you about your business.  It involves all areas such as launching, marketing, social media, goal setting, accountability, and prioritizing.  I will sit down with you and get you out of “Analysis Paralysis” and into “Organized and Prioritized.”  Then we will talk on a weekly basis to help you strategize, set goals, and be accountable. Let’s make it happen! Contact me today and you can be on your way to organizational freedom and less stress in no time.