Favorite Business Tools of 2017

It is nearing the end of 2017 and I am reflecting on the “tools” I use in my business, and my client’s businesses, and sharing my favorites.

Top 4 Business Tools:

  1. ActiveCollab – Project Management system.  Tackling project management software can be involved but I have found ActiveCollab to be great to get started and learn as I go.  It is great for solopreneurs or small businesses. I have a fabulous client to thank for introducing me to this tool and together we use it to manage every aspect of her business.  Learn more here – https://activecollab.com
  2. Cloze – Relationship Management tool that combines your inbox, contacts, calendar, phone, lead management, social media, etc. A great CRM while also managing your information.  I don’t know where to start with how wonderful Cloze can be in organizing your business.  They even throw in some project management if you don’t need a beast of a project management system or CRM.  Easy to get started and always hidden nuggets of tools to find to keep you organized.  Learn more here – https://www.cloze.com/
  3. Freshbooks – An oldie but a goodie.  Great accounting and time tracking system for small businesses.  I am able to manage all aspects of accounting for my business including time tracking for my clients.  The easy to use time allows me to accurately track the time I spend on projects and clients.  End of the year reporting for taxes is fast and easy as well.  Learn more here – https://www.freshbooks.com
  4. Hootsuite – Social media management and scheduling system.  I have used Hootsuite off and on since I became a virtual assistant in 2013.  I keep coming back because of the ease of use for managing social media, tracking threads, etc.  Also, if you are managing multiple account their pricing is competitive. Learn more here – https://hootsuite.com

Bonus – If you need a beefier accounting system, check out Xero – https://www.xero.com

Happy Holidays!

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