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Recently I read “The Surrender Experiment” by Michael A. Singer, a great book! While I was reading the book an email came across my desk from Nathan Latka.  Nathan asked in his email if anyone uses the accounting software, Freshbooks.  Because I use and adore Freshbooks, and love to support great businesses, I replied to Nathan.  My reply was an enthusiastic response stating my love for Freshbooks, and I explained it was the first expense I took on as a brand new entrepreneur.

I shared with Nathan that I have learned as an entrepreneur; keep expenses as low as possible, while also hiring or investing in the tools necessary to run your business effectively .  While I love statistics, I am not an accountant and have no desire to worry about balancing books, so I love Freshbooks.  My desire was to simply share my message with Nathan. What happened next I never imagined.

A very short while later, in the early morning hours, I get a reply from Nathan stating something along the lines of… your enthusiastic reply… would you be interested in chatting for 15 minutes… schedule a time…

I was dumbfounded by the reply.  First, I never expected a reply.  Second, why would he want to talk to me?

Now, some people might go ahead and schedule the time and be thrilled at a 15 minute call with Nathan Latka, my brain took a different approach.

What if he asks me about something I don’t have an answer?  My website isn’t perfect. What if I start to ramble (this happens to me more then I’d like to admit when I’m nervous)? Crap, how much do I really know about Freshbooks?

After some time of the questions and concerns spilling through my mind, and clicking and closing the scheduling calendar a few times, I walked away.

Not long after I walked away, it hit me.  I need to surrender to the opportunity put in front of me.  I thanked, and cursed, Michael Singer as I went back to the computer to schedule a time to talk with Nathan.

Nathan Latka is a pure joy!  When I got on the phone with him he quickly put me at ease.  I was meant to be on the call!

The biggest lesson I learned was not, jump at any opportunity a popular influencer sends my way, although that is true.  The lesson I learned was to believe in myself.

I invite you to check out my episode of “The Top” – Moms Secret Accounting Weapon, Growing Business, and 2 Year Old Son on Nathan’s website or on iTunes.

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