2 Simple Tips to Better Time Management

Get More Done

One thing I notice a lot in my work as an online business strategist, people are routinely stretched for time in their day to complete their long to-do list.  Here are two tips to help you better manage your time:

Do not multi-task.  I love to make this mistake as so many do.  I find myself checking my email, writing a blog post and scheduling social media all at the same time.  Shiny object syndrome! Oh look this email needs attention.  The only thing accomplished is spinning wheels, going nowhere fast.

Slow down.  Do one task at a time.  You will get through more work faster, with less stress.

Block time for tasks.  I sit down every Monday morning to my first task, catch up on email from the weekend.  Once that is done, it is important to shut down the email.  Move to the next task.

I reference here how important it is to take time for your business.  Monday morning is a great time to get this done.   Then move on to the next task. On Tuesday mornings schedule all social media for a full week, it needs to be done so make it part of your routine.  The first of every month, bill clients and pay bills.  Block the time out on your calendar.  This lowers stress and manages your time effectively.

Taking a moment for a deep breath each  morning to focus yourself around these two simple time management reminders will not only lower stress, it will help you get more accomplished in less time.

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